Friday, November 16, 2007

Poetry Friday

I'm cheating today. I'm posting about a post that is a post about an alphabet book in poetic form.

Are you following?

Go visit Kelly, at Big A little a. She is hosting the Poetry Friday Round-up this week.

Then, go read her review of a new alphabet book by Steve Martin and Roz Chast. It's posted at Book Buds and, in her comments, I said this of Kelly's review (which is funny and right-on-target and totally in step with my own schizophrenic ways) :

I haven't seen the book yet, but I love the review, because it *sounds* as if it would be my reaction. Exactly. Roz Chast *is* a genius, and Martin *can* write. But, I have the same schizophrenic reactions to the "type."

And, I really do think Chast's angst is too angsty for children. I picture my youngest walking away from the book looking like a Chast character.

I love Roz Chast, but I don't want Ramona to go neurotic on me. We have enough of that around here without encouraging it via alphabet books.

Maybe I'll just ask Atticus to give the book to me for Christmas, and I'll hide it from the children. (Though, I must admit, we are all big fans of being in a quandary. So I guess we're hopeless.)

Have a poetic Poetry Friday.

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Kelly said...

Aw, thanks, Karen!

Your comment over at Book Buds reminded me to update the PF schedule. You're on for the first Friday in FEBRUARY. Can you believe it?