Friday, November 02, 2007

Poetry Friday: Got Emily?

Rather than post a single poem today, I'm directing you to a site I immediately fell in love with.

Michael Hartford's Daily Dickinson pairs an Emily Dickinson poem (a new one daily, as his name cleverly suggests, and I know all about clever names) with an original photograph, often with arresting results.

I love Emily Dickinson (as illustrated in all these posts in which I mention her) and now I'm off to see if I can get the Daily Dickinson gadget added to my sidebar.

Poetry Friday
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jama said...

Thanks for the tip on this site! I could use some daily Emily :)!

Kelly Fineman said...

Very cool link - I only wish I could figure out how to access the archives, if there is such a thing!

TadMack said...

How cool is that!!! Thank you!

Sara said...

It worked! Now I have Emily on my Google home page. Thank you, Karen!

And thank you, too, for making me remember something that I can't believe I nearly forgot: I was Emily in excerpts from The Belle of Amherst in high school. Maybe I can find a picture.

Karen E. said...

Kelly, I wish I could find the archives, too. :-/ Sara, what a funny coincidence -- I just remembered that I did a scene from The Belle of Amherst to audition for a theater scholarship in college. Too funny.