Thursday, November 29, 2007

A couple more Christmas ideas

Looking for handmade things? Rebecca at A Gyspsy Caravan has taken a "Handmade Pledge" and she has some great suggestions. Yesterday's links also include some homemade and handmade ideas.

Here are a couple more:

Doll Clothes Super Store has some very cute, very frugal clothes for American Girl dolls. The photos on the site are not of the highest quality, but the clothes are really cute. I ordered this matching set in blue for Ramona two Christmases ago, and she wore the dress for two summers. Betsy also loved this matching set. And, there are some cute historical outfits for the dolls here.

Kim Shenberger's Bookworm Bookmarks are beautiful. She has existing designs, or will create something to your specifications. I love her calligraphy (she created the Poetry Friday button, among many others.)

Ramona is up, so my time is up!


Rebecca said...

Thank you, Karen!:)

I will have to spend some more time on the doll clothes site. They have some really cute outfits that my 4yo. would just love.

And the bookmarks are beautiful! I admire anyone who can write so beautifully...mine is a step above chicken scratch! :)

Beck said...

I LOVE Kim's bookmarks - I have one sitting right where I can see it and it is SO beautiful.

Kim said...

Thank you, Karen!

That really made me smile!