Thursday, October 25, 2007

The word of the day is "beer"

This is for Atticus.

But, you too can have things like "The Word of the Day is Beer" come to your Inbox, if you sign up for Travlang's free "Word of the Day" thingy. You can sign up here.

Below is an example of the languages we chose to receive. This is "Foreign Language Light" in our homeschool (because usually, the word of the day is more useful to my children than the word "beer") and is a nice little way to expose the kids to various common phrases (not usually "beer" ... did I mention that?)


Hello Karen Edmisten , Below are the languages you requested:

Click on a linked word below to hear it spoken.
Arabic Bira
Frenchla bière
Germandas Bier
Greek mbi'ra
Japanese Biiru
Mandarin pí jiuv.
Spanishla cerveza

Au revoir!


Jennifer said...

But Karen, this is the most useful of least in my line of work! LOL! Thanks for the giggle today!

Suzanne Temple said...

Oh, hey, how'd you know what I was drinking?