Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sarah's 40 Reasons

Visit Sarah at Just Another Day of Catholic Pondering for her list of 40 Reasons to Have Kids. I especially loved #1, #3, #16 and #27.

Thanks, Sarah!


  1. Sarah's 40 reasons and yours are quite lovely. Maybe in the end that ridiculous French woman's book will have the beneficial effect of making lots of moms reflect on why this is such a wonderful vocation, after all!

  2. I did one for my Thursday Thirteen. (Yes, yes, I know ... thirteen ... forty ... what's in a number anyway?)

  3. I agree with Red Cardigan - I never did click and read that list of reasons NOT to (I think I could probably generate my own, given the right mindset - the one I try not to give in to), but I am certainly reflecting more on WHY to have kids!

    And, Karen, your favorites from my list are some of the ones I liked the best too.

    After reading Bookworm's list, I almost have to do ANOTHER list to reflect on what I now call "Ramona moments" in my own mothering experience (though they're not nearly as numerous as they will be...)