Friday, October 12, 2007


I like to make my bed every day, but when I find the cat like this:

I can let it go.

I like to tidy up the house each day, but when this is what's making the mess:

I can let it go.

I love autumn in Nebraska, but to love autumn in Nebraska, one has to be flexible, as flip-flops and warm boots sit side-by-side, waiting to see what kind of day it will be:

And speaking of flexibility, Mr. Putter is extremely flexible with the kids, though in the second example below, he's clearly (evident in a close-up view of that expression) in danger of losing the flexibility factor.

Have a lovely and flexible Friday.


Momto5Minnies said...

LOL ... what a nice kitty you have.

WE have a very, VERY loveable doggie who thankfully puts up with a whole lot. Our doggie is too big for the doll stroller, but my 2 year old regularly banishes him to the indoor playhouse. He usually sticks his head out the window begging for some help OUT!

Meredith said...

Oh to be the CAT!!! What a day I'd have :)

Jennifer said...

Love those pics! So cute.
We're having a very nice and *flexible* Friday here too.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I do love these little glimpses into your life, Karen. I agree with Meredith; I imagine that is one very content cat.

Have a blessed weekend.

Joannof10 said...

We have that exact type weather in northern NY too.:-)

The Epiphany Artist said...

haha I love it!

Cay said...

Lovely and Flexible. I love it! :)

And I think I'm in love with Mr. Putter. :) I often wish I had a cat's life.