Sunday, October 21, 2007

355 More Reasons to Have Kids

First, I read this bit of sadness.

Then, I decided to add some balance to the equation with my "40 Reasons to Have Kids."

Others have jumped in, so I decided to compile all the posts I've found thus far. If I've missed a post, please let me know and I'll add your link!

Sarah at Just Another Day of Catholic Pondering
Kathryn at The Bookworm
Ana Braga-Henebry at Ana Braga-Henebry's Journal (and so nicely divided into four stages of life with children)
Matt at Play the Dad
Christine the Soccer Mom at Domestic Vocation
CMerie at Catholic Wife and Mother
Montessori Lori at Montessori for Everyone (weighing in with 75 reasons)
Kale at un-Muted Mumblings

And, Melissa Wiley sweetly posted "Reason #41: Ramona Stories."


Update: See Heidi Hess Saxton's post at Mommy Monsters for 40 Reasons to Adopt.

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Heidi Hess Saxton said...

I just put one at Mommy Monsters, specifically related to adoption.

Love2Learn Mom said...

I just finished mine (finally)...

Although I seem to be adding new links continually. :)