Monday, September 10, 2007

Favorite Google searches

Don't we all love to see where readers come from? I was checking SiteMeter recently, and saw that I'm right up there when someone is searching for "Alton Brown" and "spatula." Here's the Ramona reason why.

But, my favorite recent search was this:

"Why are Catholics so stubborn?"

Dear Reader ... if you find out the answer to that one, will you get back to me?


The Epiphany Artist said...

"A thoroughly Catholic, Eucharist devoted, confession going, homeschooling, writing wife and mother who doesn't let a day go by without pining for a nap."

haha I love your Bio! Nap!! Nap!! my kingdom for a Nap!!!

Beck said...

I DO like my Google searches, although I always worry that I'll find a creepy one. Oddly enough, my most commnon google question is where to place the money frog in feng shui. Um, I don't KNOW?