Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Crash Course in Catholicism -- Kindergarten Edition

Way back in August, my friend Liz asked, in the comments of this post, about "a crash course in Catholicism for a 5 year old???"

I'm starting a list of our favorite books and ideas about the faith for that age (which just happens to be Ramona's age, too) but if you have ideas, favorites, great resources, or any other suggestions for Liz, please leave a comment and I'll compile them into a post.


Karen said...

Hi there!

I teach the Children's Liturgy at our parish with a few other mums and found this site, which I think is produced by the American Catholic Bishops but I could be mixed up:


It has, and I quote: "Reflections and discussion questions on the readings for each Sunday and holy day liturgy. Activities for young people are included. Some materials for younger children can be printed out."

I really like the elements for the primary kids and have found them very successful.

Liz said...

I went to that site and unfortunately the activities are still beyond my grandniece. She's heard of God, but has absolutely no Christian catechesis at all. She didn't even know what Christmas was all about (as in she'd never heard of baby Jesus) I'm still looking. Most of the stuff I've found so far is beyond her. I do know that there's stuff for toddlers out there, we just don't have a local source. I hope to get to the store in Burlington again soon and see if I can't find some stuff aimed at younger kids.