Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blather, blather, learn, learn

I was talking with Leonie, of Living Without School, about Harry Potter.

I agreed with her point that the best books are those that beg discussion.

As I concluded to Leonie:

"Talking is most of our curriculum here."


Colleen said...

I completely agree. I really look forward to the day when my children are old enough to read the books. It will be fascinating to watch their little minds wrestle with some of the moral dilemas and hopefully come to the correct conclusions on whether the characters were right or wrong. And, if they don't, it will just lead to even more interesting discussions.

Are there any other blogs that you would recommend that have thoughtful discussion of the Harry Potter books?

Suzanne Temple said...

Good point!

Leonie said...

So true! You know I want to steal that comment - it describes our homeschooling to a tee!

Karen E. said...

Colleen, Studeo had some great discussion -- check these links:

Also, from Regina Doman, there's this, by way of The Blue Boar:

Suzanne, do boys talk as much as girls do? :-)

Leonie, steal away!

Colleen said...

Thank you!!

Jane Ramsey said...

So true! And, yes, I think boys DO talk as much as girls!