Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vintage Betsy

The girls have been reading through old memory books.

Memory books? you ask. Do you mean those things we used to use B.B. (Before Blog) to write down all of those sweet and funny things the kids said when they were little?

Why, yes, that is exactly what I mean.

Here are a couple of old favorites from Betsy.

When she was four:

She made a remark about my handwriting not being perfect.

"Well, nothing's perfect," I said.

"Except God," she replied.

"Yes, God is perfect," I said.

After a pause, her eyes widened and her face lit up with a sudden inspiration. "Hey!" she said. "He could teach us to be perfect!"


Exasperated one day with her big sister, she cried out to Anne-with-an-e, who had committed some now-forgotten transgression: "You'd better repent!"


When she was five:

"People should dance almost all the time."

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Momto5Minnies said...

How sweet. I wish that I would have written down all the cute sayings of my girls. So many have escaped me and that makes me sad.

I realized today that your Ramona is the same age as my {b} ... July 2002.