Friday, August 17, 2007

Ramona and Atticus

Ramona, to Atticus: "How does a mom getta a wiener dog?"

Atticus: "I don't know -- how?"

Ramona: "She just has to stop nursing!"


Ramona was eager to show Atticus our spoils following a trip to a second-hand shop. She took him to the laundry room, where the small pile of new clothes awaited her presentation. Atticus pulled out one shirt after another, looking for Ramona's new find, which she proudly showed off.

I asked him later if she had shown him the results of our bargain-hunting, and he replied, "Yes, and I had a Gatsby-esque moment there."


Liz said...

Very, very punny, Ramona. So is she now campaigning for a dog to join Mr. Putter in the household?

MaryM said...

Tell Ramona - very funny. I love nursing jokes!

Karen E. said...

I love nursing jokes, too. :-) Liz, they're ALL campaigning for a dog .... They've worn me down, and are now working on their father.