Friday, July 13, 2007

She has her principles

Yesterday, as we left the grocery store, Ramona was told that, no, she couldn't ride the mechanical horse. This, of course, was ruining her day, and so Betsy suggested that as Ramona climbed into her carseat she could pretend it was a horse. Becoming more animated, Betsy demonstrated that as Ramona pulled her carseat straps over her head, she could imagine that the straps were the reins, and she could bounce up and down, and in this way she could still have the fun of a pretend-horse ride.

Ramona slumped in disappointment, and said, "I can't do that."

And then, throwing her hands in the air, she said, "People will see me riding my carseat and I'll be humiliated!"


The Bookworm said...

LOL! I remember Angel always being desperate to ride anything mechanical outside a supermarket. Star never bothered much herself, but now insists, repeatedly, that Little Cherub must ride. She can't cope with the disappointment if I say no, and Cherub can't cope with the disappointment of the ride ending, so it is a no win situation. I have a sneaking admiration for the friend who allowed her children to "ride" as often as they likes - she just never put money in. It was years before they realised those things moved!

Liz said...

I loved the mechanical horses myself. There haven't been many in our area, so we didn't often have to deal with them as the kids were growing up. It's a good thing because Abby would have wanted to ride every time we passed one. Tell Ramona that she's lucky she isn't Abby. We made her use a booster seat until she weighed over 40 lbs (this was before the law that requires it to be 60), but she was probably 9 before she weighed that much. Her friends had been out of booster seats since they were 5. Talk about humiliated! She's said it's a good thing the law hadn't been passed then because she didn't make 60 pounds until she was 11