Friday, July 06, 2007

Poetry Friday

from one of my favorites today ... Emily Dickinson:

The murmur of a bee
A witchcraft yieldeth me.
If any ask me why,
'Twere easier to die
Than tell.

The red upon the hill
Taketh away my will;
If anybody sneer,
Take care, for God is here,
That's all.

The breaking of the day
Addeth to my degree;
If any ask me how,
Artist, who drew me so,
Must tell!

Today's Poetry Friday round-up can be found Farm School. Thank you, Becky, and thanks, as always, to Kelly at Big A little a for launching Poetry Friday. (Don't forget to stop by and offer your condolences to Kelly on the passing of her laptop, which, while tragic, has resulted in a delightful poem.)


TadMack said...

My goodness, an Emily Dickinson poem I haven't heard in ages - I think I've only read this one once, and it wasn't ever assigned in school. Very nice!

Matilda said...

I love Emily Dickinson and I think she would have been a rockin' girl blogger just like you... if she had had the chance!

I hope you like your award!

Patience said...

I love this poem, but I'm wondering how you would interpret it, because it seems deeply sad to me (but then I have Views on what was going on for Emily.)

Karen E. said...

Oh, that's interesting Patience -- I don't see this one as sad (though so many of hers are.) I see this one as trying to articulate the deeply felt effect that nature has on her -- that she feels it's almost impossible to explain to another person how and why she feels God through and in nature, that only God himself understands her, as he created her this way.

What's your take?

Karen E. said...

A rockin' girl blogger, huh? :-)

Too fun, and thanks for the award, Matilda, fellow Rickman fan. ;-)