Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blogger's Lament

You know how it is when
your life is really busy
and you don't have time to blog
yet you feel compelled to blog,
but you feel guilty if you sit down to blog,
because you don't really have time to blog this week,
but you feel bad that you don't have time to blog,
and, oh, my gracious, you really want to blog,
but blogging has to take a back seat to everything else,
because you're really a very good and realistic mommy
and you hope to teach your children
not to put things like blogging
before family and duties and chores
and other writing that is higher on the writing food chain,
and essentials,
for heaven's sake,
but, ohmigosh, you so wish you had time to sit down
and compose those meaty posts that are brewing
in your blog-deprived brain,
and so you go to Google Reader, hoping to at least
link to some other bloggers --
you know what I mean, the really good ones who never make excuses like this --
and at least throw together a lovely, linky post of other people's writing
but you keep getting the message:
"Problem loading page" ...

You know those days?

You're looking at one.


Anonymous said...

I'm fairly certain Typepad is down today. I can't load any Typepad pages or post myself. But yes. Blogging has taken a backseat around here too. But look! I can comment again! Happy Birthday Ramona!

xxxxxx said...

Please! The Potter movie and book came out, who has time for anything! I didn't blog myself, too afraid of hearing a spoiler.

christine M said...

Ah, yes - one of those days - the days of the two line posts! (Blog lite for summer)

Alice Gunther said...

LOL, Karen! This sounds like my theme song!

You are so clever!!!!

Jill said...

That was almost poetic. :) Enjoy the summer! And your funny five-year-old who is lamenting leaving the fours!

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Very cute, Karen!

ls said...

oh yeah, I know those days...that's usually when I say "okay, Lord, I hear you" and then I go and do something really important like help some little people I know hunt ladybugs.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

"Meaty" blog posts? Hmm...I don't have time to *think* meaty right now. I can't imagine actually *writing* meaty.