Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ramona, why did you pack Mr. Potato Head?

That's what Atticus and I heard Betsy ask as we were headed out for our "camping" trip.

I say "camping" because I don't really camp. I "camp" in a cute little cabin that is equipped with beds:

air conditioning, a kitchen, a patio:

and this view:

And, who knew, but it turns out that Mr. Potato Head is quite the little outdoorsman. He enjoys fishing:

rock climbing:

taking in the view:

a cool drink after a hike:

and, of course, s'mores:

He was nearly the victim of a tragic grilling accident:

but was rescued by three quick-thinking girls at the last possible moment.
Said girls then enjoyed a quiet time around the campfire:

The same girls also enjoyed photographing dangerous wildlife:

Alas, all good "camping" must come to an end, and we bid paradise adieu:

... until next time ... when, there's no doubt, our spudly little friend will join us.

Ramona, I'm so glad you brought Mr. Potato Head.


Margaret in Minnesota said...

It's important that one's camp site be both family and vegetable friendly.

I'm just wondering where my invite went. Did it perhaps get lost in the mail? :)

In any case, what a beautiful outting! Good for you.

KC said...

I love Mr. Potato Head and those pictures are priceless.

Alice Gunther said...

Laughing my head off at these photos, Karen!

Mr. Potato head is one rugged spud!

Ebeth said...

I just busted out laughing at those pictures! Thanks for submitting your post.....I needed the laugh tonight.