Sunday, June 10, 2007

Feast of Corpus Christi

A blessed Solemnity of Corpus Christi, the most Holy Body and Blood of Christ!

On this feast day six years ago, our eldest daughter received her First Holy Communion. It was a day soaked in sunshine and rejoicing.

Prior to Atticus's conversion, I'd prayed that God would draw Atticus to the Catholic Church before Anne-with-an-e first received her First Eucharist.

God has such impeccable timing, doesn't He?

I asked. I received.

It's not always quite that simple, of course.

And, to imply that Atticus's journey to the Catholic Church was "simple" is less-than-accurate. I'll skip over the screaming matches we had after I became a Christian (I wasn't always -- ahem -- a quick-study when it came to putting my newfound faith into practice.) It was a long road, an often painful trip.

But, as arduous trips go, it was one worth making. We're so grateful that we slogged through the muck to reach the end, which is really, as any Christian knows, a profoundly new beginning.

Happy anniversary of your First Holy Communion, my sweet Anne.

And thank you, Heavenly Father, for Your many ineffable gifts.

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Cheryl said...

My eldest received his First Holy Communion today. It is a wonderful day.