Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Danielle Bean's Charity Raffle

Danielle Bean is running a raffle to raise money for the oh-so-deserving St. Gianna Maternity Home!

This is a great cause, a great way to raise money, and a fun way to donate.

Please see this post at Danielle's site for all the details.

Danielle writes:

... your donation just might win one of 39 super-cool prizes! Did I say 39 super-cool prizes? Why yes, I did. When I put a call out for prize donations, people absolutely overwhelmed me with their generous responses. Every $5 you donate to St. Gianna Maternity Home will earn you one chance in a random drawing for the following fabulous prizes ....

The prizes are listed in the above-referenced post and range from books, to gift certificates (there's a $25 Amazon certificate donated by yours truly), to subscriptions, a toy, a planner and other great surprises.

Don't miss this chance -- donate a few dollars to the beautiful work of St. Gianna Maternity Home, and you might win something fun this summer!

Updated on 6/7/07 to note: 50 prizes! Yes ... 50 prizes!

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