Sunday, May 20, 2007

Top Five Signs that the Grandparents are Visiting

#5: Your children have been given more loose change for their piggy banks in the last three days than they've had all year.

#4: Your child was overheard telling a friend at the soccer game, "And today, we get to go out for ice cream again!"

#3: Your computer is in better shape than it's been for a long time, because Grandpa knows the importance of the phrase, "back-up."

#2: Your children skip gleefully from the bookstore, new book-and-dvd-stash in hand, instead of slumping out with your voice grating in their ears as you admonish, "Well, then, you'll just have to save your money for that movie, won't you, missy?"

And, the #1 sign that the grandparents are visiting:

We're all on vacation from real life.

(So, please excuse any big chunks of silence from my blog. I'm too busy eating ice cream.)


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Good for you! Enjoy your time with your mom & dad, and greet them from your friendly neighbor to the north/northeast. :)

betty said...

Seize the moment and enjoy your family!

We will always be here!!!

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Eat that ice cream and ENJOY IT!!