Saturday, May 12, 2007

Canticle Magazine needs you

Do you enjoy Canticle magazine?

Do you think you would enjoy Canticle magazine?

Do you ever subscribe to magazines in order, not only to be edified, but to support a vital and worthy apostolate? (Sometimes that can justify what might not otherwise be in the budget....)

If the answer to any of the above is yes, please take a look at Heidi's post here. Heidi is the editor of Canticle, and she writes:

I believe that Canticle is an important evangelism tool, by its mission to draw readers to a deeper understanding of both the Catholic faith and their calling as women. And so, believing that God wants the magazine in as many hands as possible ... I've asked Him to bring in 100 new subscribers in the next month. That is my prayer ... and I ask that you make it yours, too.

Will you help me with this intention? You can do this three ways:

1. Pray with me. Ask God to move people's hearts and open wide their purses.

2. Promote with me. If you've been blessed by Canticle, either as a reader or as a contributer, please join me in spreading the good news about this one-of-a-kind Catholic women's magazine. Need ideas? Check this out! Thank you, Donna!

3. Pledge with me. If you have thought about getting a subscription for yourself ... or know another woman who would benefit, please see this as your opportunity to ACT. A subscription makes a great Mother's Day gift! All you have to do is click here. Please mention code SC07 to let them know you are subscribing as a result of this post.

(Code SC07 also offers $1 off each subscription ordered before June 10th.)

Canticle magazine has been a blessing in my life in many ways, and I pray that it will bless you, too.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Karen ... I appreciate you!