Wednesday, May 16, 2007

All quiet on the blog front

My blog has been quiet because my life has been noisy.

Busy. Crazy.

But, I'm taking a few quiet moments this morning, to turn this post into a brief respite, a small taste of an exquisite exhibit of Impressionist paintings that we were recently privileged to see.

Joslyn Art Museum had a special exhibit of some Impressionist paintings, courtesy of The Clark. It was lovely. There's nothing like spending a Saturday morning wandering around a museum in the midst of such beauty. It truly takes my breath away to see, in person, a painting that I have previously seen only in print.

The kids' favorites from the exhibit:

Renoir, At the Concert

Manet, Moss Roses in a Vase

Renoir, A Girl with a Fan

Pisarro, Piette's House at Montfoucault

Renoir, A Girl Crocheting

I feel so blessed to have the Joslyn so close to us. They have an impressive permanent collection that one might be surprised to find in Nebraska. Just a short distance from my home, I can go see this one by Renoir anytime:

Young Girls at the Piano

Or this, The Knitting Girl, by Bouguereau

Or Breton's The Weeders:

Well ... you get the idea.

I wanted to post these, because I want to remember that in the middle of a busy, crazy, overscheduled month, we got to rest in this kind of beauty.


melanieb said...

Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing these.

I especially love the Weeders.

Makes me want to jump in the car and drive to a museum...

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Feeling busy, crazy and overscheduled right along with you. Thank you for the chance to stop, breath and rest in beauty.

PS. Do you not just love Bouguereau?

Kristen Laurence said...

What a wonderful day. I love Bouguereau, and that last one reminds me of Millet's Angelus. Beautiful!

Suzanne said...

Thanks for posting those, Karen. Renoir is my absolute favorite.
What a lovely break in my evening.