Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ramona notices a few things

While running errands:

"Mommy, did you ever notice that almost everything in Target is red? That's too much red."

While snuggling up to me:

"Mommy -- are you wearing socks? Mommy, did you ever notice that you are permanently cold?"

While reading a Barbie book (don't throw daggers ... she picked it out at the library and I said, "Ohhhhh ... okaaaaay .... ") in which Barbie drops her little sisters off at their classrooms, and then goes in to teach her own class:

"Mommy, Barbie should just quit that job and homeschool them."

Amen to that, my dear.

And one thing I've noticed?

Life with Ramona is good.


Suzanne Temple said...

I LOVE the Barbie comment, Karen.

Love2Learn Mom said...

That is awesome! :)