Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No longer strangers and sojourners

I tend to have tears during Holy Week (this is the sort of thing that makes my friend, Jack, say, "Well, of course I like your blog, but it's all just a little too ... um, what? ... feminine for me.")

I cry tears of gratitude for my conversion, courtesy of God's goodness.

I cry tears of gratitude that, even though Atticus did not attend the Easter Vigil at which I was received into the Church (which was okay -- I so respected his integrity on the matter, and he had made it clear to me that he had no interest in Catholicism and not a bit of comfort with the Mass), five years later, I was attending his Vigil reception, courtesy of God's lavish goodness.

Then, I cry tears of gratitude for the conversions of so many others as I remember my years as an RCIA team member -- I felt such intense affection for the candidates and catechumens. I remember my friend, Theresa, saying that she had seen me at confession, ushering candidates along and taking care of them like a mother hen. And I felt like a proud mom at every Easter Vigil: "That's my candidate up there! I walked this walk with her! I cried with him! I saw her breakthrough!"

This Holy Week, I'm praying for some bloggers who will be received into the Church:

Jen, at "Et tu, Jen?"
Amber, at Rutabaga Dreams
Mark, at Rise and Pray
Matt, at Absolutely No Spin

Anyone else?

I'll be praying for you, even if I don't know your name. And, probably shedding a few tears, too, in gratitude for God's prodigious goodness.

Because that's just the kind of feminine blog this is.


Matilda said...

Angie is another name you can add to your list.

Anonymous said...

Thank you; I'm sure I'll be shedding a tear too!