Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I love Theresa

A couple of great posts from Lapaz Farm Home Learning:

Are you the homeschooling "type"?


What makes a good day of learning? That's something I ponder at this time of year, as the end of one school year is in sight, a summer (of planning?) looms before me, and a new school year beckons from the future (we tend to live a little more "by the school year" than some homeschoolers, simply because Atticus is a teacher in a public school.) What does make a good day of learning? A good month? A good year? A good education? (Oooh, I see a series of posts in the making ....)

And, speaking of Theresas I love, I'm throwing out a "Happy Birthday" to another local Teresa ... happy birthday, dear friend (a few hours early)!

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Theresa said...

Karen, you just made my day! Heck, my week!LOL! Believe me, you are loved right back!
I can't wait to read your series of posts on what makes a good education!