Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh, my daughters, I love them so

Anne-with-an-e was looking over my shoulder when I visited Suzanne, at this post. Anne said, "Wow! She's young!"

I said, "I know she looks really young, but she's actually a little older than the 14 years that she appears to be. She's the mother of five boys."

"Five boys?!" said Anne. "We should send her some food."


Ramona: "Mommy, can I have another straw? This one is too flavorful."



Nothing to quote from her today ... just imagine a ten-year-old ... dancing and twirling and spinning and skipping. That's Betsy. I love ten.


Beck said...

I had exactly the same reaction as Anne when I saw her picture - I kept double-checking to see if she had a young teenage daughter that she'd forgotten to mention!

Suzanne Temple said...

14? I thought at least 16. That photo might be one that makes me look particularly young. In any case, this is very funny and I posted about it.

Karen E. said...

And Beck, you look as young as Ramona!

Suzanne -- I almost said 16, but then I looked at the photo again and decided, nah ... 14. In that picture, at any rate. :-)

ascozyasspring said...

I always think 12, but Suzanne is beautiful inside and out!
You've made me look foward to 10. I always think that it can't get any better than right now (which led to a serious case of PPD!). But every day is more wonderful than the last.