Friday, February 23, 2007

It's not exactly poetry Friday, but ...

I have a new favorite phrase that someone Googled which led that curious soul to my blog:

"Picture of a donkey eating waffles."

I wonder if such a picture was eventually found.

Occasionally, checking SiteMeter stats is a middle-aged woman's form of amusement.

I'm sorry to report that there is not a picture of a donkey eating waffles on my blog. Ramona did offer St. Joseph a waffle here, though, after Betsy had drawn a donkey. That's as close as we got.

Other favorites from yesterday's Google searches:

"What does 'hang-dog' slouch mean?"

"Bread needing."

I'm in need of some bread, too.

So, I'm off.

Have a blessed, grace-filled first-Friday of Lent.


one of us said...

Hilarious! Gotta love those random smiles in your day...


Matilda said...

I get a lot of people lookig for the lyrics and/or meaning of Waltzing Matilda, but that kind of makes sense.

Donkeys eating waffles? I just know that is going to strike me hysterical at most inopportune moment.

Matilda said...

That should be...looking...