Friday, February 02, 2007

Groundhog Day

This particular observance doesn't carry as much weight around here as, oh, say, The Feast of the Presentation. But it does make me think of watching one of my favorite movies.

If you've never seen Groundhog Day, let me just say, it's a treat. It's thoughtful (and even theological, if you view it with a certain eye) and sweet, romantic and funny, and full of Bill Murray. I love Bill Murray (this Bill Murray ... not the Bill Murray of, oh, say, "Caddyshack.")

But, back to this movie.

I wrote this little "shrinklit" about it last year.

But, the movie's better. I hope you enjoy both.

Phil: at first, a selfish jerk
Focused on his fun and work
Women were a toy or game
Till every day became the same.

Quite suddenly, no rules apply
Steal some money, tell a lie
Nihilism's worth a spin
until despair comes crashing in

Suicide just didn't take
Surely something is at stake
Could it be that it is worth
Striving for a true rebirth?

Self improvement: worth a try?
Though all past ways it does defy?
Selflessness for its own sake?
Letting go of all that's fake?

Helping, saving, giving, tears
Authentic feelings, first in years
Letting go of all that's old
Lets in truth, releases cold

Something genuine and kind
Allows this man his best to find
Is this conversion? God at work?
Or one colossal cosmic quirk?


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Having seen this movie for the first time last year (and in, like, June, I think!), I can all the more appreciate this poem. You really captured the essence of the film. Frankly, I think you one-upped it.

Karen E. said...

Margaret, thank you. :-)

You know, I didn't really like the movie much the first time I saw it. I found the repetition of the day so oppressive at first, that I didn't see beyond that.

But as I watched it again (and again ... oh, how appropriate) I actually grew to love the film and its message.

Liz said...

I'd never seen the movie until after Groundhog's Day last year. Your recommendation encouraged me to seek it out and it quickly became a favorite for both me and my dd. Last night I screened it for my ds and my dh watched some of it (he was otherwise occupied for most of the time it was playing). I'm hoping to make it an annual event, but I will tell the guys about your initial reaction. This is easily my favorite Bill Murray movie. Broken Flowers is good, but seems darker than this one. Stripes is certainly funny and dd and her bf really enjoyed it, but I think dd and I still prefer this one. Thanks for recommending it.

Leonie said...

We love this movie - very funny!