Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My knitting, such as it is

As sheepishly promised, here are the various projects we've been working on.

Betsy tries her Knifty Knitter hat on Mr. Putter, the cat.

I do love this fuzzy hat that I made for Ramona. It was extremely easy using a Knifty Knitter.

This is the doll scarf I knitted for the girls. I used knitting needles for this. Real knitting needles!

Here is the incredible widening scarf (see how cleverly I hid the flaws in the first picture?) How did I add stitches? I have no idea.

Now, I'm working on little scarf for Anne-with-an-e. Novice that I am, I have only one set of needles, and Betsy pilfered them, insisting that I teach her to knit. So, with my only needles involved in Betsy's project, what was I to do?

I improvised, with the help of the wonderful Jennifer, of the S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen. On this thread at the 4Real Forum, Jennifer suggested using chopsticks, sharpened in the pencil sharpener. That's exactly what I'm doing. Take a look:

I was so impressed with Jennifer's ingenuity and resourcefulness.

I'll keep you posted on our projects.

And, I'm thinking I may just want to eat Chinese this week.


Liz said...

I do believe you've caught the addiction. I've often considered knitting with pencils myself when caught in the extremity of no needles around (a pretty rare event, unless I'm away from hom) and we once had Abby using baling wire in lieu of the cable needle she'd left at home (she was in the middle of a big Aran knit project for the fair and couldn't afford to take a whole day off). However, chopsticks work well, and prove to you that the important thing is the gauge you get with your particular needles (or chopsticks as the case may be).

Katherine said...

You're doing a great job. I especially love the fuzzy pink hat.

Carrie K. said...

I just recently learned to knit, too, and was always adding stitiches until I figured this out: when you end a row with a knit stitch and change the needle to your left hand, make sure the free yarn is pulled to the back. If it is pulled to the front, it makes two strands over the needle, thus adding a stitch. Hope this helps!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Hey! You said you weren't crafty!!!

Well, these knitted creations are simply lovely. As for my own never-knitted-a-thing pathetic self, a mother with three girls and a potential fourth on the way, I'm thinking it's time to pursue a new hobby.

You ladies are guilting me into it. ;)

Jennifer said...

Wow - all that looks great! I haven't tried the Knifty Knitter yet, but I think we would love that. I saw Jennifer's chopstick idea too! That is so neat to see it in "action" - It looks like it works beautifully. How funny! Very impressive.

Rebecca said...

Wow Karen! These look great! Thanks for the ideas...I am going to try to knit a little scarf for Caddie's Felicity doll.

Atticus said...

Let me know when you can knit me a pizza.

stef said...

LOL at atticus.

those are so pretty, karen, esp. the purple one!

Liz said...

Karen, I'm not sure from the pictures that you did add stitches. Unless you added at the end of the row, as Carrie suggested, you would have had holes where there was an extra stitch (small ones, but holes none the less, it's one of the things that makes increases noticeable in projects knitted in the round). I wonder if perhaps you knitted more loosely at the end than you did earlier. It's not at all unusual for a beginning knitter to knit pretty tightly, but then loosen up just a bit as they get more confident. I know that one person Abby taught to knit made two mittens, the first was much smaller than the second (before felting) because he knit so much tighter to begin with. Your chopstick knitting looks pretty even to me, so I think you may have conquered whichever problem it was.

Kristen Laurence said...

Beautiful, Karen. I love the fuzzy pink hat too!

Karen E. said...

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement.

Carrie, thanks for the tip. You wrote: "make sure the free yarn is pulled to the back. If it is pulled to the front, it makes two strands over the needle, thus adding a stitch." -- Yesterday, before I had a chance to explain this to her, my 10 yo figured this out on her own! She had almost doubled the stitches she started with, but figured out her problem. She's a quicker study than I am!

Liz, your observations make sense, too.

Anne with an e says she wants to knit Atticus an MP3 cozy. :-)

Mary G said...


Great job! You might want to glue a button or bead to the end of the chopsticks to avoid stitches falling off....but your work looks great!

Congrats and keep it up (and, the little ones seem to get the bug faster than us big ones!)