Monday, January 01, 2007

Books to read and things to do today

We'll be rereading Young Mary of Nazareth by Marianna Mayer today.

This book is loaded with gorgeous paintings of our Blessed Mother, and recounts some interesting tales of her life, some drawn from the writing of early saints and Christian mystics, and others from the author's imagination. My girls were captivated by it.

Visit Catholic Culture for ideas on this eighth day of Christmas.

Hmmm ... Atticus may enjoy the blessing for beer found on this page.

Today, we will pray the Magnificat, the Rosary, and the Memorare. We'll also bake more Christmas cookies, in honor of our Lady.

For explanations on why we call Mary the "Mother of God" or "Theotokos", please see this link (for a short explanation), this link (for a long explanation), this link (for a not-as-long explanation), and this link for Catholic Answers' explanation.

Have a blessed feast day!

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