Monday, January 22, 2007

Artsy Craftsy Times

Betsy, Ramona
(and, for a little while, Anne-with-an-e)
did some spin art.

I worked with Anne
and Betsy
on 4-H pillows.

drew her
first flower garden.


Jennifer said...

Those pillows are gorgeous! Ramona's garden is as well. And spin art? I miss spin art!

Liz said...

The spin art was pretty, the pillows are gorgeous, and Ramona's flower garden evidences some real creativity (and perhaps drawing ability as well). I have to admit that when I first saw you mention spin art I thought of spinning and spindles, and yarn made from that turned into art. I wish I could sit down with your three with drop spindles and fleece and turn them on to another aspect of fiber art. It's so frustrating that all of you are so many, many miles away from here. We could have such fun if you were next door!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...


How can you say you're not crafty!? Look at those pillows! They're lovely!

And I love that spin art!

And to go walking through Ramona's flower garden was just lovely!

Karen E. said...

Jennifer, thanks -- don't peek in at the bottom. They aren't done yet ... just pinned together. :-)

Liz, how funny that you thought of *real* spinning, but of course you would. I wish you could sit down with them, too!

Maria, thank you! The reason I say I'm not crafty is that I'm not. Those pillows caused me seven kinds of stress. :-) And, we ended up not matching the striped panels up properly on the purple one, so we need to make another that's fair-worthy. But, what I loved about them is that the girls each picked out their own fabric, and worked hard on their finished products, and the colors and choices really show their personalities.