Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Well, she thought she was fabulous

Yesterday, a Christmas box arrived from the girls' godparents and I knew that Aunt Holly wouldn't mind if they opened it early. It was full of very girl-type stuff, such as pink satin purses, shimmery belts and iridescent hair baubles. The girls squealed with delight over their haul, and happily donned some of their new things.

Later in the day, I overheard an exchange between Betsy and Ramona. Betsy apparently was trying on Ramona's new pink sash.

"No, Betsy!" Ramona roared. "You can NOT wear it! You are NOT fabulous!"


Amy said...

Oh she is too cute! I love the snippets you post about her.

Jennifer said...

I agree with Amy. She is hilarious.

Karen E. said...

Thanks! She definitely keeps us laughing and happy. :-)