Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ramona on the science of Pooh Bear, and on being nice

Pulling a bit of fluff from the top of her stuffed Pooh Bear's fraying head, she said, "Mommy ... we call this brain tissue."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A couple of days ago, Ramona asked for help zipping her jeans.

"Zip it, Mommy!" she said.

Then, on reflection, she added, "I mean the clothes-kind of 'zip it' ... not the [and at this, she pinched her thumb and forefinger together, and pulled them across her lips] mean kind of 'zip-it.' That would be a mean kind of 'zip-it', but I mean the other kind."


Liz said...

Oh dear, and Pooh is already a bear of little brain! Hopefully there's a surgeon around who can sew him up so he doesn't lose anymore "brain tissue."

Jennifer said...

I actually choked on a carrot reading this story this morning. She is so cute.

Suzanne Temple said...

She's just such an adorable dear! I love her!

Karen E. said...

Anne-with-an-e thought your comment was so clever. :-)

Jennifer and Suzanne, I do wish we could get ALL our little dears together for a play date. Even my 10 yo Betsy would join in -- she loves younger kids, and is such a good little mommy to them! What fun that would be.