Saturday, December 30, 2006

Betsy's Nativity Story poster

I took Anne and Betsy to see "The Nativity Story" yesterday.

They loved it.

Last night, before bedtime, Betsy tried 19 times to draw a donkey with which she was pleased. On the 20th donkey attempt, she was finally happy with what she saw, and the rest flowed forth.

This is the poster they got to take home from the theater, and is what Betsy used as a model for her drawing. (I'm so delighted by her picture!)

Tonight, they performed a play about the events. Anne was a noble Joseph, Betsy a lovely Mary, and Ramona played the part of an angel coming to Joseph in a dream.

"Joseph!" she said. "Get up! You can take Mary back to Nazaro now. And here, eat this waffle!"

It's not just their pictures that delight me. They're delightful people to be with on a daily basis. I am far too blessed.


Alice Gunther said...

I love Betsy's silhouette! Lovely!

Cheryl said...

Her persistence paid off. I love her picture. Great job!

causa nostra laetitiae said...

You've got a lot to be grateful for this New Year's! Nice job, Mom!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I am back for a visit (having seen this beautiful picture the night you posted it) because I would be terribly remiss to not comment. Please tell Betsy that her silhouette was and still is a delight! It was like having an extra special movie poster to illustrate this post!

And of course, the "Here, eat this waffle" line was classic Ramona.

Karen E. said...

Thanks to all of you! Betsy is glowing. :-)