Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A symbolic centerpiece

I took this idea from a parish function we attended last week. We were given a cornucopia to take home, with the suggestion that it be filled with symbols or favorite objects for each family member. We added a candle, a cornhusk doll and our scarecrow to complete our centerpiece.

Symbols chosen?

For all of us: A holy card with a picture of Jesus, the center of our lives
Atticus: Red pen (he's a high school teacher, you know) and tea
Me: A picture of the Blessed Mother, to represent being a Catholic mom, and a pen
Anne-with-an-e: A ceramic puppy (she's an animal lover)
Betsy: A small, knotted one-decade Rosary
Ramona: A picture of me, because I'm her "favorite thing"

I love the way this simple but meaningful centerpiece turned out!


Jennifer said...

That's beautiful - I love Ramona's thing. :)

Katherine in TX said...

This is so sweet and really beautiful.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Karen, this is just beautiful! Makes me almost feel like I am passing through your kitchen on a quick Thanksgiving visit!

PS. Cream, no sugar.

Dawn said...

Karen, I love this idea! Do you know, I have an *empty* cornucopia sitting in my front window and I have (had) no idea how to fill it? Thank you so much! :)

Nina said...

Karen-this is fantastic. I will remember it for next year.

kristina said...

This is so sweet! That must have melted your heart that Ramona chose you as her "favorite thing."
Karen - thank you for sharing this lovely idea!

Karen E. said...

Yes, Kristina, it did melt my heart. :-)
Dawn, I'm so glad! Let me know what you all put inside ....

And thanks, also, Jennifer, Nina, Margaret and Katherine! Anyone else take cream?