Thursday, November 02, 2006

One more "Child of Technology" post

My sister and her husband were visiting us all week (which is why I didn't get much blogging done) and last night I was telling them about the blog.

"I put so many kid quotes on it," I told them, "that the girls now say things like, 'Will that go on the blog, Mom?' or 'Hey! That's blogworthy!'"

Then Ramona said, "Oh, Mommy! When we're really old, and we both still have our blogs -- cuz I'm gonna get a blog, too -- do you think I might say something cute and then you'll say [and here, dear reader, picture four-year-old Ramona doing her best little old lady impression, complete with curled in lips and shaky voice], 'Eh! That one's blogworthy! Eh?'"


Anonymous said...

That happens here too. When my daughter draws something particularly nice, she asks, "Are you going to put it on your website?" Ramona sounds like a funny little girl. I wish I could have seen her expression.

Alice Gunther said...

BAHHAHHAAAHHAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! She gets funnier and funnier! Laughing out loud is so overused, so very overused, and so very, very true now!