Wednesday, November 01, 2006

from the "She's a child of technology" files

On Sunday morning, I was getting ready for Mass when Ramona started looking for a particular toy duck. She was a bit frustrated when she didn't immediately find it. I told her I would help.

"Oh, good!" she said, relieved. "I didn't want to have to surf through all the toys."


Suzanne Temple said...

How funny.

Rebecca said...

I just love her, Karen!

Faith said...

Very cute! My kids always ask me to "pause" if they need to me to stop for a second when we are reading or something. Sometimes they'll even say "press pause!" for emphasis!



Karen E. said...


Faith, mine do the "pause" thing, too. Isn't that funny? Ramona also said once that she was rewinding me.

Anonymous said...

better get that surf board ready!(lol)