Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday links

Alice has a wonderful post about taking a little time out (with some other moms, of course) for a cup of tea. Yes, Alice, I'll do it this week!

And, I'll be picking up some wooden spoons so we can follow Alice's lead on this.

Love2learn mom has some some wonderful words and wonderful words about words.

Superboy has given me ocean fever.

Margaret has several great posts -- stop by Minnesota's Mom's house and read about holy two-year-olds, Martha Stewart, and Teresa of Avila, one of my most beloved saints.

And I'll close with one of my favorite prayers from St. Teresa:

Let nothing trouble you
Let nothing frighten you
Everything passes
God never changes
Patience obtains all
Whoever has God wants for nothing
God alone is enough.

May you all have a blessed Sunday!


Alice said...

I am thrilled to be mentioned in this post Karen, and I heartily second your other recommendations. That prayer was my father's motto in life. He carried it on his person always. Many thanks for posting it!

Mb said...

I never heard that prayer said in that way before...thanks Karen. Happy Feast Day to you! Enjoy your Sunday with Ramona and gang!

Minnesota Mom said...

I would like to thank you also, Karen. I had to smile--holy 2-year-olds and Martha Stewart in the same review...