Saturday, October 07, 2006

The main difference between male and female bloggers is

the use of the word "mean." Not in the sense of a midway position, or something halfway between two other things. No, I mean "mean" as in "that's not nice."

Men don't seem to use this word in the same way women do.

Women bloggers say:

"No mean comments allowed."
"You can say whatever you like, but don't be mean."
"That's just mean."
"How can people be so mean?"

Men say:


I could be way off base here (and if you are a male blogger who uses the word mean in the above-defined way, please let me know. I could be missing a whole set of really nice male bloggers.) But, in general, I think it's women who, as guardians of civilization, employ the word "mean" to mean simply "mean." And we mean it. We don't like meanness and we won't tolerate it. Especially not on our blogs.

And, if you find this post to be silly or inane, please feel free to say so.

Just don't be mean.


Faith said...

Karen, this is so funny that you bring this up. Just this morning I was telling my husband that I dilike reading blogs by men; they are just so mean to each other.

I just go for the gentler, kinder approach. My dh says its the blog culture.

Alice said...

Nothing you write could ever in a million years be silly or inane or anything less than wonderful--just like you!

Liz said...

Faith, I know exactly what you're talking about. I no longer go to one blog because one of the commenters there was so rude to me without the blog host saying anything to him. Some sites like Steve Ray's for example bounce people for rudeness, but others actually seem to almost encourage it. Civility shouldn't be restricted to the females of the world.

I agree, Karen, no meanness should be allowed. Disagreement, difference of opinion, debate, perhaps, but no meanness.