Thursday, October 26, 2006

I must apologize again

Now that I have the wonder of Categories on this blog ... I must remember to use them.

I just updated my last few posts with appropriate categories, and so -- yes, again, and I'm pitiful and sorry -- it looks as if I have a half a dozen new posts on Bloglines, when in reality there are only two.



Margaret in Minnesota said...

But in general, are you glad you made the switch?

Karen E. said...

Yes, definitely! I really like having the labels/categories. And, I was able to keep my old template, so no problems there. It was worth switching -- no problems at all, other than my own forgetfulness. :-)

And, a friend kindly pointed out to me this a.m. that there's an easy way to edit the categorizing without letting Bloglines know! I hadn't even played around with the functions available, so I didn't know!

The Bookworm said...

Glad you like it Karen :). And please, how do you fix the Bloglines / categorising problem????