Monday, October 16, 2006

The difference between being 4 and 40-something

When lights-out time is imminent, we 40-somethings rarely jump up and down on the bed speculating as to whether Cinderella is dead or alive.

For Ramona, however, this sort of thing is standard operating procedure -- both the jumping and the speculating. I'm not sure which one I find more charming.

And, now that I think of it ... did she mean the cartoon Cinderella? Is she really so cynical as to think that Disney would kill off one of their princesses? She can be cynical. This is one frighteningly savvy child. Sometimes when I say something completely nonsensical, she cocks an eyebrow, casts her skeptical look upon me and says, "Mommy. You know that's not true."

But, back to Cinderella's possible demise. Perhaps she meant Lesley-Anne Warren?

Oh, no. Now I've gotta go check Dead or Alive before I'll be able to sleep.

I'm back. She's alive.

But now I'll never get "Ten Minutes Ago" out of my head.

1 comment:

JennGM said...

I didn't know about Dead or Alive!

The longing for bed and sleep, definitely the mark of us older ones. My son's wheels just turn and turn when he's in bed (and out).