Saturday, September 09, 2006

Places to visit this weekend

If you're not using Bloglines to keep track of your favorite blogs (and to find out when they've been updated with new posts), then you're not living as blogfully as you could be.

A couple new blogs I've recently discovered:
Martha, Martha
The Wine-Dark Sea (with its gorgeous header -- Ramona just climbed onto my lap and said, "I want that picture on our computer.")

Make your own practice sheets for handwriting. (Great for CM enthusiasts who want to print up copywork, and H/T to As Cozy as Spring.)

A Latin Sponge-Bob calendar (no kidding ... H/T to Cirque de Moi) And, if you've never seen Sponge-Bob, but condemn it as completely mindless, one must understand that with such lines as "You may be an open book, Sponge-Bob, but I'm more complicated than that; the machinations of my mind shall remain an enigma," and (upon walking into a time machine an octopus says) "Humph. I wouldn't have chosen this interior," that it can actually be laugh-out-loud funny. It may not be educational -- no, I take that back ... my children found out what "incongruous" means, thanks to Sponge-Bob humor -- but however you define Sponge-Bob, it can be just the right thing for laughter and popcorn with your kids.

Beyond that, the machinations of my Sponge-Bob thoughts shall remain an enigma.


~m2~ said...

so incredibly nice to pop in here and find my name on your list! who knew?

(i am a blogliner. i am addicted, admittedly, but i would never be able to keep up otherwise...but my site referrer brought me to you b/c i didn't recognize your site name; you are now on my bloglines :)

wine-dark sea uses the same artist i have on my masthead - Waterford. really amazing, romantic work. nice eye your daughter has.

take care.

Theresa said...

Thanks for the link to the Spongebob Latin calendar. We are not big SpongeBob fans here (though we think he is pretty funny when we can catch him). Anyway, we looked at the calender and were fascinated to discover the Latin names for the days of the weeks were the sun, moon, and planets! And, although I have now revealed my ignorance of Latin, we found it very cool. We learn something new every day, even from SpongeBob!

Karen E. said...

He is an amazing artist, and your header is gorgeous, too, which I neglected to mention.

Thanks for stopping by, and you're on my Blogliner, too. :-)

K said...

Just wanted to mention that my poor children don't get to watch Sponge Bob around here either, but I must admit, if we accidentally see a show, we end up laughing out loud. I am afraid any more often than that and my Fish would trade in his fins for some Cellulose!! I loved the calendar though and glad you liked it too!!

melanie b said...

Thanks for the link and the compliment.