Friday, September 01, 2006

Our day

Tired of reading under a strobe light, I called in an electrician.
He said, "Let there be light." And after much tinkering, there was.
And it was good.

Meal planning a la Sponge Bob:

Anne-with-an-e: What's for dinner tonight, Mom? Pizza?
New Meal-Planning Mom: Pizza? No. Not pizza. Pancakes.
Anne-with-an-e: Awwww ... This episode always makes me crave pizza.

I bought a can of coffee at the dollar store.
You get what you pay for.
It'll work well for Fridays: penance coffee.



Jennie C. said...

So true about the coffee. You can only try to save money on so many things. Coffee, ice cream and chocolate are not on the list.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Mass with all five kids is my Friday penance of choice. Coffee from the dollar store? That I could not do.

Send me a self-addressed stamped envelope and I'll mail you a bag of the good stuff. My heart goes out to you in your time of need...


Way too big of a coffe snob for my britches

Liz said...

I'm a tea snob, not a coffee snob because, GASP, I don't drink coffee (well I rarely drink coffee once in a great while when I'm doing a long drive...). The stuff doesn't agree with me. However, tea is another matter entirely. I hate Lipton, store brand is just plan gross, I like Salada, but I really prefer stuff like Earl Grey and English breakfast, and if the truth be told the higher quality the tea, the better I like it. Buying at Common Grounds is about the best I can do around here, because no one seems to sell Republic of Tea in our area. I would, however, never buy tea at the dollar store. I'd rather drink water.

There is a wonderful ginger cookie recipe that uses cold coffee as the liquid. You could save your bargain basment coffee just for that use. I'll bet you could even replace water with coffee in chocolate cake or brownie recipes to come up with a mocha cake or mocha brownies. My mother used to use coffee in her chocolate frosting to make a mocha frosting. Think of all the creative things you can do to get rid of the stuff. Coffee ice cream anyone???

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I am getting such a kick out of these posts, but I just have to let you know…I got reproached by our good God this morning for my self-proclaimed coffee snobbery.

First came the reading at Mass this morning: “Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.” Hmm, my conscience started to bother me. Why am I chiding other people about their dollar store coffee? (We love you, Karen!) and why aren’t I doing more penance, anyway? God smiled indulgently and sent me some in short order. (Penance, that is.) And guess what? It concerned my Coffee.

Being a coffee snob, of course I had to bring my own with me to the donut shop after Mass. And, being a little girl after her mother’s heart, my almost-two-year-old (Hurricane Camille) helped herself to this coffee while I was busy chatting with another couple from Church.

Down it went—all over her dress and the table and the floor—and I am thankful, at the very least, that it was not still overly hot.

And the beautiful thing about this whole chaotic moment was the kindness of the store owner, who refused to let me mop up the mess saying, “You trying to take my job from me?” No, I’m not…but my daughter would do well not to be such a snob as her mother!

Karen E. said...


Coffee, ice cream and chocolate ... yes, the Big Three. :-)

Liz, you are SO much more creative than I am.

Margaret ... loved your story. Yes, I can relate ... sometimes I do think God is trying to detach me from some of these pleasures ... I'm such a wimp.