Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And then there are days like this ....

After blogging (and blogging and blogging ....) about how insanely wonderful and educational our read-aloud time is because it's packed with interesting, insightful, enlightening conversation, this is what was said at the breakfast table this morning, as we were diving into Hilda van Stockum's The Borrowed House:

Me: And, so, do you see how evil can be tied up in an attractive package?

Betsy: Mom, if we're just going to talk instead of read, can I go back to bed?

So, what could I say? I laughed. I laughed a lot. Then I got back to reading.


Liz said...

So you don't have to point out the obvious??? Actually I think that perhaps the best time for conclusions is at a time rather than when you're actually reading the story. It's fine to give necessary explanations (what's a lift, what do gee and haw mean, who was Napoleon,etc.) but otherwise I always preferred to let the story do its job and then talk about it later. It's sort of like dissecting the meaning of a film. It's fun to do it afterwards, it's even fun to watch it again while noting all the subtle nuances, but it's not so much fun if the first time you are watching it someone keeps stopping the tape to discuss character development or some such. I think I'd agree with Betsy, I'd rather go back to bed. Aren't you glad that you have an environment where she doesn't have to pretend to like something she doesn't. And isn't she glad that you have a good sense of humor (unlike the classroom teacher who probably would have thought she was being rude to interrupt her carefully thought out moral instruction).

Theresa said...

That is great! Just hush-up and read,eh?LOL!

Karen E. said...

Exactly, Theresa! :-)

Liz, normally I agree with you -- I mainly answer questions as they come up while we read, or throw in some explanation if they don't know what's going on.

But with this book, the main character is a member of the Hitler Youth, and my girls were aghast. They weren't sure how to take a book in which the seeming-protagonist is "a bad guy", so to speak. In answering that, though, I clearly went on a little too long. :-)

You're so right -- what a joy that we can have an honest discussion about it, and laugh in the process!