Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ramona's Whale

This, of course, is why I needed to upgrade from a plain, old, neolithic printer to a printer/scanner/copier. So that I could do important things like this. I mean, really ... how did those moms in the 50s survive? A ruffled apron just doesn't cut it these days. No, no, no. One really needs a printer/copier/scanner.

(And a big thanks to my father, who, upon hearing me say in passing that I thought such a toy would be a really cool thing to have, took it upon himself to present me with one. Thanks, Dad.)


Molly said...

That's the cutest whale I've ever seen!! :-)

The Bookworm said...

Great whale! I love my printer / scanner / copier too :).

meredith said...

Priceless, and yes I agree, ruffled apron or not, a printer/copier/scanner IS a must!! Thanks for sharing this one!