Saturday, August 12, 2006

Pardon the funny posts

Ummm ... no ... strike that.

I don't mean pardon the funny (as in humorous) posts, but pardon the funny (as in odd) posts. I'm not sure how they might have shown up (or if they did show up) to my Bloglines subscribers, but like some others who use, I have begun working on getting some posts into categories.

Blogger doesn't make it simple, and all the cutting and pasting of individual post urls has given me mouse-wrist. Ouch.

But, happily, I have the beginnings of categories (go ahead ... look over in the sidebar ... aren't you happy, too? I started with Ramona and Anne and Betsy. And, yes, I do feel some parental guilt over lumping two of my children into one category while the third gets a category all her own. Oh, my ... the vicissitudes of parenting in the blogging age ....)

Now, I need to go exercise my mouse-wrist and turn some pages as I read to Ramona before bedtime.

I'm looking forward to more categories, but I may need to give my wrist a break before I get them done. In the meantime, Ramona's wit and wisdom has been gathered into one cyber place, and I, for one, will sleep better knowing it.


Jennie C. said...

So how did you manage categories? I tried the ulti-blog approach, bit don't like it.

Jennie C. said...

Oh. Never mind. A post with links! Good thinking and I can see that it is also time consuming!

Karen E. said...

Yes, it *is* time-consuming, and so I don't know how many categories I'll actually end up with. :-)

AND, now I have to remember to add a link to the category post each time I add something in that category ... no telling if I'll actually keep that up!