Monday, August 28, 2006

I have nothing worthwhile to say today

But, lest you think me a sluggard, please notice that I've updated the list of "Real Learning" blogs in my sidebar. I consider this a major accomplishment and am inordinately proud of it, because I pretty much despise doing the sidebar stuff. No ... correction: I love it when it's done. I love having learned some html, love the final results when I've actually accomplished something. But I don't love the actual doing of it. As Dorothy Parker said, "Hate to write ... love having written." Pretty much the same thing here. I apply it to writing, blog-tinkering, and going to confession (Hate to confess, love having confessed....)

Anyway, lots of stuff over in the sidebar is in need of updating and I promise to get to it on another day when I have nothing worthwhile to say.

In the meantime, enjoy all those wise, witty and wonderful moms over there. I know I do.


Molly said...

I hate to exercise, love having exercised. ;-)

Karen E. said...

Ditto. :-)