Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Organize your life

I love forms and lists and plans and calendars. I don't always follow them, but I love them. I relish having a starting point and an idea of where we're headed. We may often deviate from the plan, but I like it to be in place, at least theoretically.

Here are a few free, online resources that offer some great forms to help you get your plans on paper:

Donna Young's Printables and Resources
Organized Home.com
FlyLady's Control Journal
The Homeschool Mom's forms and planners
Grocery List from Organized Times.com
Another printable grocery list from Digital-Women.com
Free Printable Calendar Templates

If you're willing to invest a few dollars in being more organized, Michele Quigley, at Family Centered Press, created a wonderful Catholic Woman's Daily Planner that includes feast days and solemnities, mysteries of the Rosary and other extras. Additional packets for lesson or meal planning can also be purchased. I used Michele's planner last year and loved it.

Part of the fun of summer is planning our homeschooling journeys, even if we don't always end up at the originally intended destinations. In spite of our many side trips, planning keeps me aware of the big picture and accountable to the kids, my husband-the-principal, and myself.


WJFR said...

I love forms too. Do you plan on blogging about your plans? I'd be interested!

Karen E. said...

I'll blog on the plans as soon as I've had the time and presence of mind to make some. :-)