Sunday, June 11, 2006

A flutter of fairies

A must-see: drop in on Lapaz Farm Home Learning and marvel at Theresa's magical fairy unit. There have been numerous fairy sightings, and her children have put together a beautiful notebook, enchanting fairy houses, and art projects such as splatter fairies (I love these) and fairy dust pictures. I'm inspired!

By the way, because I love collective nouns, I made up "flutter" for a group of fairies. Then I googled to see if there is an official collective for fairies and found this list, which refers to a number of fairies as "a herd." A herd? I know that fairies can be mischievous and ornery and sometimes unruly, but herd-like? Surely their diminutive stature alone qualifies them for a collective noun more delicate than "herd." Just my opinion, but I think that possibly a thicket of idiots decided on "herd of fairies."


Theresa said...

I am so glad you like the fairies! It was alot of fun for us. Oh, and I agree about the "herd" thing. Rediculous! Fairies would never be caught in a herd! I'm sure they would like "flutter" much better.

Karen E. said...

The fun shone through. :-)

I'll be checking out Art Attack in depth too -- thanks!

Becky said...

I prefer "flutter" so much more than "herd", which conjures up an image of little fairies in hobnail boots, all bunched up together like tiny cattle -- thank you, Karen.

I've heard from our librarian that Jane Yolen has a new fairy book, I think a cookbook? Will have to check at Amazon.