Friday, June 30, 2006

Dawn's having a field day

At By Sun and Candlelight, Dawn's taking us on a tour of nature. If you can't get out in the real world today, take a virtual stroll with Dawn and her many contributors. What a terrific carnival!

Meanwhile, around here last night, Ramona got a lesson on the nature of things as she and Betsy played Bunnies and Kitties:

"Watch out, Kitty! Bunnies like to eat kitties, you know!"

Betsy roared. "No, sweetie ... kitties like to eat bunnies."

"Oh," said Ramona, looking slightly sheepish. "Well, then I'd better run!"


Dawn said...

Thanks so much, Karen! :)

Liz said...

Ever think about doing a comic called Ramona? Check out my blog and the link I recommend and you'll understand the question.