Sunday, May 28, 2006

Things only a mother would think ...

...when stomach flu is raging through the house:

"I'm really glad I got into that habit of lining all the wastebaskets with plastic bags."

"Multi-colored carpet is such a great thing."

"Why did I let her have that bagel?"

"Even smart men should not be allowed to make their own beverage choices when stomach flu is omnipresent."

"This isn't nearly as bad as that day at the school where I used to work."


Dawn said...

Oh, Karen, I am so sorry to hear you are all sick! All those things you mention definitely ring a bell. :)

Hope you all feel better soon!

Alice said...

Karen, I'm so glad to hear that, in spite of all this, your sense of humor is carrying you through!

I hope this is just about over now!

Anonymous said...

Well, Tropical Punch seemed like a good choice at the time.